blue stokfisz

bluestokfiszfaces are like vessels brimfull of water,
drink from them,
till you shake your thirst

When I saw an imprint of this young man’s face on a veronica, I felt  water all around me – it flowed into my body – through  my throat to my stomach. Filled with  the water I did not feel hungry. Thirst disappeared absorbed by the all-embracing ideal liquid. I could not respire, but I did not feel that I was choking . Maybe I was transformed into a sea fish – the fact remains that I felt saltness on my tongue, a smell of salt went through my nostrils . I was not sure how long I could function like that – how long I will be a human, and when I will grow in a skinny fish. But there was no fear in me – only an expectation of an experience of a new, wet world. ©